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January 10. Kodiak Island. You'd hardly guess that...

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5 was wintertime. Not a flake of snow in sight:

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How many miles of trails do you have on Kodiak? I can't believe you are riding in January, that is impressive. Fairbanks blows by the way.
Keep that weather out there in those islands... We mainlanders like our snow.

look in your flash menu for "second curtain sync", which fires the flash at the end of the exposure rather than the beginning. result will be motion streaking behind the rider rather than in front. this way rider looks like he is going backwards...which is a great trick if he can do that :D
sample of second curtain sync below..
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I am familiar with 2nd curtain sync, but my camera does not have it.
I've used a number of generations of Canon Digital Elphs. They are generally known as the SD series of late (SD1000, SD890, etc). They all have first curtain sync. Dunno why.
so how many riders are on Kodiak? I was stationed there 99-02, but wasn't riding bikes then... I may be coming back in '12 if I don't get Hawaii...
Two of us ride regularly. Another 2 ride semi-regularly. Another 6 or so ride occassionally. :)
tscheezy said:
Two of us ride regularly. Another 2 ride semi-regularly. Another 6 or so ride occassionally. :)
awesome! The pictures look GREAT! Almost makes me miss Kodiak (that's saying something since I'm in San Diego!) as I said, I may be coming back up there to the Coast Guard clinic in 2012 if I don't go to Hawaii...

Hey Phillip how goes it? Dan showed me your videos they just get better and better. I' will be in kodiak the next five days starting this thurs, maybe we can all ride together if your in town? last week there was a little dusting I do have my nokians if needed.
Pillar Mtn

Yeah did that front side of pillar trail a couple days ago, I was wishing I had a rear shock about halfway down. I only went over the bars once though, I'm glad I got that new gyro full face helmet from 58. Where's all the Freeride jumps?:madman:
But that looks just like my Intense? Do the Homers know about this?
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