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radair said:
That captured the boniness of your trails very well. Hey, maybe a leaf blower would work! I'd like to see video of the Cap'n pulling a concrete filled sled, that'd be very entertaining...
Rob, I've tried the leaf-blower....there is a reason they didn't call them snow-blowers....they work on 2" of fluff and that's it. We would just ride through that anyways. As far as the cement sled is concerned....this snow wasn't the right consistency. I am looking into a bristled broom attachment for a weed whacker though....that may be just the ticket for dealing with the fluff factor. Anyways, I trust you guys are embracing winter up there more than I am down here. In any event, I hope you'll make the trip again this spring if not sooner. Give my regards to the gang.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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