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hey all, im new. new to alot of this actually.

About a month ago i purchased a trail x3 as my starter bike, and so far im finding some of the components are failing, such as the crank and chain rings bending.

This is what ive done so far- i have swapped out the bars for a 2" rise, wtb weirwolves (awesome by the way). i have a race face ride xc crank and a shimano deore front derailluer in boxes.

I have some questions about my new crank and the derailluer.

crank- its a nine speed, which from what i have read will be ok with my 8speed. i notice the new crank is to be used with a x-type BB, my current is the the typical kind (not sure the name of it). I hear the x-type is stronger, what advantages will i see? and can some explain to me how it works, haha.

My front derailluer, is a deore 9 speed, will it be ok for a while with my 8 speed? ( i plan do swap rear cassette and shifter to go to nine speed )

Also, bash guard- whats good and strong and will work with my crankset?

Im thinking now i should have went with a komodo... haha.

Also, i really like the frame, but im curious of how much abuse it can take.

like i said, im new at this, i jumped into all this head first.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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