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Jamis Parker Dual Slalom Set Up?

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I have been racing bmx pretty hard for the last 5 years and just started riding MTB's this fall and love it !!! When I saw duel slalom its a lot like bmx but no elbows in your side!
I bought a Parker 2 and have been dirt jumping and trail riding.But know its time to go do some racing.
Is any one racing the parker in dual slalom??
The bike does not pedel very well with the Domain fork with the stock spring it bob's and sucks up alot of power.
In stock form its kinda a tank compared to what I'm used to.
What would you use for a rear shock?
How much air in the shock?
Marz 4x fork or pike 454 or somthing else?

Any help would be great.
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Id just race it as is. Maybe put some narrower tires on there, pump up the shock a good bit, and crank the forks down. Get some experience with that then upgrade as necessary to make yourself more competitive.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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