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Jamis Komodo Dual Crowns?

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Hey there..I have a jamis komdo and have been hearing many things about putting dual crowns on a hardtail.... would the jamis komodo frame handle a set of dual crowns....i want some other forks since the ones i have are not too good... i have the 2005 edition marzocchi drop off....

also.... what tires do you guys recommend for freeriding?

Thank you very much
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doesnt that bike come with a 4/5" fork stock? if so than i think slapping a DC downhill fork on it is a pretty bad idea. read down a bit and see how much trouble people are having with jamis customer service. slapping an 8" fork on there will probably cause you some issues when it breaks.
These questions always amuse me... Path of least resistance in having problems with a poorly performing fork is to put a dual crown on the bike, with lots of axle to crown length to worry about.

It's not like there's a pike, revelation, or other awesome forks out there. No, that would be simple!
Komodos are strong, really strong, but not that strong. Good chance you might lose your headtube and a few teeth. Personally, I always felt that the komodo and a pike are the perfect match, period. You could do a domain or a lyric and run them on the shorter end, that would work really well too.
im probably going to get the rockshox pikes since a lot of people recommend that one and it doesnt look bad at all
oh yeah, you will love the pike on there. are you going to get the 454 or the 426? Air or coil?
thinking of getting the 454 air....i love air shocks
hey i was just wondering... what are these things called and what do they do??? i see a lot of people have them except they have the rubber ball bearing wheel thing....i would like to get one too if they're good...please provide me with a link if possible

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i changed my should probably go get the dual crown fork. they look sweet. i should buy the dc fork??? would it snap my tube?? Just some freeriding around the park and stuff....Also... is it harder to turn with the dual crowns on the bike..... do they hit the frame as you turn or what?
junktrunk said:
Want to get one just because it looks cool?
Well....not chain keeps rubbing a lil on my front derauiler so i thought that it could help it out
i noticed the picture above with the chain guides on it and then looked at my gears.... i need some help please understanding what goes where if i ever want to put a bash guard or another chainring.... pics:

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1- get the pike, do it right the first time.
2- the chainguide mounts to the frame next to the BB. That bike pictured way up has ISGC tabs, so it just bolts on.
If you really want one, get a Blackspire stinger. Its light, simple and you can use dual chain rings with it instead of a single like most out there. Its also uber cheap. like 25 bucks. Simplest fix out there.
Bashguard essentially just replaces your big ring, it goes on the outside. (#3 in your photo)
Pick up a 34 tooth bashguard, that way if you want to add more gear later, you can swap on a bigger ring and keep the same size bash, but still have a relatively small bashguard.
Wolfman00... a friend of mine has these chainguide 34t...what do you say...should i get it for $45? it includes both Pic below:

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those are probably for single ring only, but either way- get it. If you dont use it you can always put it on craigslist, here, or ebay and sell it.
asked my buddy today and he said they are for single.... what do you think i should do? i really want something like includes both and its a good deal.... does this one eliminate the front derauiler or what?
Its your call. Now that I am thinking about it, the most practical solution to your problem is a blackspire stinger, that way you can keep both rings and keep your legs happy.
my bike sucks when it comes to shifting from the granny ring to the middle ring.... Sometimes it doesnt grab on the middle set...and sometimes it goes all the way on the crank arm!

Wolfman00, i think im going to go with the blackspire stinger...but then 2 questions....what bash guard to get...and you think i should still get those mrp single chainring setup??
Sounds like you need to do some learning about bikes before deciding on what you think you need.

Sounds like all your problems are just a front derailleur that needs adjusting.
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