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Hey all,

What is the best way to route the cables on a 2002 Komodo???

If you have one you'll know the cable routing setup better than I can explain (see below).

I've set it up so that the shifter cables stay on the same side that they originate on w/o wrapping around head tube, ie. left shifter cable feeds into left braze-on w/o snaking around head tube.

?1) It seems that if I snake the cables from the shifters around the front of the headtube to the opposite side - as is the case on every other bike I've owned - the cable housings themselves will have to cross over eachother in the 2" space behind the headtube and in front of the forward braze-on cable router...thing. Bulky, ugly and just not right! But if the cable housings are not crossed here, then the rear 'der cable housing will have to cross at an acute angle behind and around the seatpost to get from the left to the right side. Hmmmm...?

?2) The center of the three braze-on cable "guides" seems to be set up to run sloid cable housing the entire length of the top tube - all the way from the brake (assuming ) lever to rear disc. My FS bike is like this - all cables run housing from origin to end unbroken - but it does so on the down tube. Is this correct?

Thanks for any help any of you can offer. I've searched the forum and the web, scanning photos for clues, but there are no close ups and from what I CAN see, everyone has a different set up!
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