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Hi All

Looking at a 29er as an upgrade for my XTC 3 2006.

The two things I want (other than a 29er hard tail) is
- good brakes - the XTC 3 has shockingly bad brakes (my juicy 7s were a good upgrade)
- remote lock out for the fork (its a gimmick to some, but I use mine a lot)
- decent gear set
- large frame (I'm 6"3)

I'm looking at these two bikes. Firstly, if anyone has any other options in the 1.5k-2.5k price range please add them here. Can't afford carbon fibre or hard tail (unless I'm mistaken). Secondly I am visiting the north west of the US to purchase a bike on my holiday and fly it home so I don't need to have it pre assembled. I will pay for my local mechanic to sort the bike when I get it home.

Can any one identify any issues with either bike?
Is it fair to assume that I will be able to negotiate the Jamis down from its RRP with a bike shop in WA/OR?
Are there any problems with purchasing the motobecane online?

Oops - the rules say I have to post riding style - nothing too hard core, like some intermediate stuff mostly cross country but hoping the 29'er will take me places I didnt go with the XTC.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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