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Jamis Dakar Xam 1.0

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I am looking to purchase a new AM bike and wanted to know if anyone could give me some feedback about this bike.
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i have a 09 XAM 2 and im in love with it. handles great through fast stuff. im a crappy climber, but it feels about the same as my old enduro. dont really notice the weight, but the xam1 is probably lighter than my xam2 anyway (im around 33lbs). i ride mostly ugly rocky trails with steppy climbs and steep descents. if i was riding smooth trails i might think about a different bike.
My lbs just picked up the Jamis line. I like the XCT with 5" of travel w/67degree fork angle at 29 lbs. the lighter weight will help on the climbs and the slack head angle will help on rock piles and descents. I'm hoping to get some sort of deal on the frame, then transfer all my current components to the new frame. I do like the XAM burnished frame w/hammerschidt!!
I used one for 2 years (changed it in december) LOVED that bike, only reason I changed it was because I wanted a hardtail, other than that I would've kept it. absolutely recommend it!!
i own a xam 2 2008 complaints so far!
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