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Jackson Hookup

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I'll be in Jackson from the 6th of July through the 11th and would love to hook up with some locals for a few rides. I've done some searches and am relatively familiar with the main ride options, but its always better to have a guide, so thinking is kept to a minimum!

I'm up for pretty much anything as long as I don't die form pulmonary edema. I've been riding forfreakingever and you don't have to worry about me being a hack. I'm not a hard core freerider (read big air) but love technical, fast, swoopy, rocky, sketchy...

I can probably get one full day ride in, and a few 3-4 hour trips thrown in as well. I'd like to take my wife along on Cache-Game and/or Putt Putt if any couples want to meet up for that.

Here in Pisgah Natl Forest I ride a 29er hardtail and its pretty rooty/rocky, but am thinking I might rent a squishy bike for out there. Any thoughts there?

Look forward to riding and rehydrating...
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I might be able to show you around, lots of new trails that aren't in the guidebooks yet.
Gimme a shout.
I'm free from the 6th>9th if you want to meet up during that period.
Check yer pm's

Thanks for the offers-check your PM's.
Thanks anyway!

I ended up just riding solo and with the wife since we had to go when we could work out kid watching duties with the other folks we were traveling with.

Laps on Putt Putt was lots of fun with the wife.

Blacks and Phillips way the best day out- awesome scenery and some really nice singletrack. I was tempted to hit some of the side trails, but my lack of trail knowledge and bear spray made me think twice.

Good stuff anyway, and the guys at Fitzgeralds were great.
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