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jabberwocky owners w/ QR rear wheel

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what's the best way to tension the rear wheel without a bolt? is there a hardware store version of the jabbernuts?
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I got my tensioner bolts at the local fastenal for $0.00. Just walk in and let them know what you need. I believe it's a "3mm hex head screw" or something like that.
What's wrong with the tensioners it comes with?
If you can get it to stay put with a QR, consider yourself lucky. I had hope hubs in my jabberwocky and couldn't get it to stay put without marring up the bolts with the 3mm allen screws.
the trick to adjusting the rear wheel is to close the quick release slightly so the rear of the frame makes contact with the hub, because you want the tensioners to push on the hub not the quick release, also I removed the springs from my qr axle
ShadowsCast said:
What's wrong with the tensioners it comes with?
Complete JUNK......I other wise think this is a great bike.......Mine is in the mist of a make over as we type.....I'll keep you posted.
i made a slightly modified gheto version of this for now.

i took a 4mm socket head screw, and used a nut held in place with loctite. it seems to be holding so far. i am riding a different bike today, so i will get a chance to test it out one day this week. i also have the option of buying the jabbernuts, or my lbe will put in a bolt on axle for $25.
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You could always use a Surly Tuggnut (works great with a QR hub), but then again that would be about the same price as your bolt-on conversion
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