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I've got a new pivot and a shipping box.

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I have been riding for about a year and a half now but have decieded I really wanted to start taking mountain biking a little more seriously. So for now here is my first post and I will post pictures of my new to me firebird as I get the finishing touches on it. However I did get to take it out lastnight in the dark and initial impressions are very impressed the bike is a blast to ride. Much more responsive and a great feel compared to the Diamondback Mission I had been riding and enjoyed. I will post more about it after a few rides as I get it dialed in a bit better. But for now I am up in north Phoenix and have a bike shipping box that is in pretty good condition if any one needs it let me know.
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Hey Kris, I heard about yer purchase, nice choice, we gotta get u out to Sedona agai...or come on down to SOMO again.
Hey thanks looking forward to it
Enjoy! A Firebird is in the future for me too. Super responsive rear sus, are you running the DHX air or RP shock, also using the Fox 36 Float??
It has the DHX five and fox 36 float rc2, I also came across a deal on the new joplin 4 seatpost and could not resist any longer, so that is on its way as well. I still need to cut the fork tube down and do a few things then will post some pictures. I only have a couple of rides on it but am very impressed so far.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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