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I've given up Hope on my M4's, what next?

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I spec'd my new Turner Burner with Hope Mono M4's. For the first 60 miles or so they were great, but then they started the famous Hope squeal coming down long downhills when the rotor heated up. Shortly after that they started making a grinding noise (kind of sounds like the nosie that comes from a car disc when the wear indicator is going off, there was a guy on the Turner board that recorded it if you want to check it out) and sometimes there would even be what felt like intense dragging and a bit of a shudder. I've tried cleaning the pads and rotors with alcohol. sanding them, new pads, the place where I bought the bike (SuperGo) has reset and faced the caliper mounts. These changes have helped slightly, but nothing has been able to eliminate the squealing / grinding noise. A lot of people rag on SuperGo, but in all fairness they have really been great (thank God because I emailed Hope about a week ago and haven't heard anything back from them). SuperGo has finally told me that they will take back the M4's and I can swap them out with something else.
Which brings me to this: Hayes vs. Shimano vs. Magura Marta's. I would also consider Juicy's, but SuperGo has no clue when they are getting them in. If it makes any difference I'm using a Minute 2 fork which requires the post mount. Any input you have on my next set of brakes would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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sorry to hear you are having problems. Disc brakes are still evolving so problems seem to be a given for a while.

That said squeals are very tough to eliminate. I've been fortunate. My Hayes only squeel when pads are brand new, or it's really wet. I've used both the metallic and semi metallic pads also.

The martas for me were a bit problematic, as they have been for others. Seeing as how you are coming off M4's, the Louise might be a better fit in the magura line-up.

The shimano's seem to be pretty good, though they have had some piston problems. Not sure if those things are worked out.

I've felt the Juicy's, love the feel (remind me of hayes), and the engagement adjustment is a cool feature. Small parts and overall availability seem to be a problem now.

That brings me to the Hayes. Been on mine 2 seasons now. They don't do anything over the top outstanding. However they are consistent, mine have not squeeled, parts are a bit easier to get, once set up, they seem to stay set up, the rotors have been great for me.

Basically, they've been doing discs for a while and it shows. There basic design hasn't changed in years for a reason. The levers are a bit bulky, they aren't the lightest, but damnit, they work, and work pretty darn consistently.
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it's possible that all this cleaning and pad changing is in fact making the problem worse. you really want to screw with the pad/rotor contact area as little as possible. let them wear to each other. also, are your hubs tight? I had all sorts of nasty squeals and shudders goin on with my old bike due to a crappy hub.
Few comments...

a) sorry to hear about the Hopes (non-Mono M4s and Minis) have treated me well.

b) This might sound strange, but instead of all the alcohol and sanding try this - pack the caliper and rotor with fine mud (no rock bits) and take on some extended brake runs down a decent hill. I learned this from Chris at Speedgoat and its worked like a charm for me if new pads squeeked. Several friends with other brands of brakes have successfully used this fix as well.

c) Call, don't email, Hope. I'm in MN and have always gotten quick turnaround and often new parts, gratis, by just calling and calmly explaining my situation. Not sure if the Mono's have different pads than the non-Monos, but sometimes OE pads, especially on new models, can leave something to be desired. When up for replacement I go with EBC Golds.

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