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Well it's time to clean out some space in the garage. First thing that's gotta go is the POS SS. It's gonna take a couple of parts to get this large Diamondback frame rolling, but it wouldn't take much. I think the only thing missing is a pair of pedals.

As luck would have it I've got two pair of pedals to get rid of. The first pair are Ritchey SPDs from ~5 years ago or so with a couple of years on them, sorry no cleats. Second are some Shimano M-505s, year and a half worth of riding, again, no cleats.

Next I've got a Shimano 17t freewheel, year and a half of heavy flogging, the teeth are still decent and it still engages well but who knows for how long after being subjected to all the torture my heavy a$$ can dish out.

Last but not least, I've got a pair of Avid Speed Dial Mags that have been on my bikes non-stop from the time they came out until a month or so ago. They have a bit of play in the levers but are still as adjustable as ever.

I'm in Central Phoenix not far from the VA for pick up. Ask about delivery, I'm in west Mesa for work most days.
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