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well, i haven't weighed it yet but...

here's what's on it:
LP Composite carbon riser bar and seatpost
cane creek ergo bar ends and grips
x.0 grip shifters
avid sd7 brake levers
easton al stem (will replace with something nicer once i get length and angle settled)
avid sd7 v brakes w kool stop pads
white bros xc.8 fork
sun ufo rim on front w phil wood hub
blackspire super pro chain rings and cranks 22-32-44
crank bros candy sl pedals
sram pc69 chain
sram pg970 cassette 11-32
x.gen front der
x.0 rear der
sun cove IV rim and deore hub ( to be replaced with sun ufo and the hadley 108 i've got on order)
seat was a new specialized alias - body geometry and all that, very comfy but rails bent on second ride so... will put on my old speed V

i think that's it. didn't try to make it the lightest around but it sure beats my old trek 4300
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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