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I'm a littler farther along than you:

I went with the 70mm Speedway Uma 2 rims (NOT the Uma in this photo). Wrestled with whether to go with Sheebas, but I ended up wanting the weight savings.

As for your question about tubeless, here's an interesting thread on that subject...

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Read that link about tubeless/beadlock setup. Just wondering if anyone had tried stretching a 24" tube over the rim and doing it that way. I suspect that the tire would probably de-bead at the low pressures we usually run.
I went with the Shebas because I am used to Remolinos and I like having the tire tread as squared-off as possible (though I decided not to go as far as 100mm).
Looking at Sandman frames- hoping to have this together by the time the snow flies.
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