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I answered it and sent it in. Hope the powers that be will see the light that promoting cycling, especially bike commuting is a win-win on every dimension. :thumbsup:

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BoiseBoy said:
I just completed the survey.
Don't forget to mention making the Eagle/Garden City Greenbelt bike friendly.
the greenbelt is not an ITD bike path.

particularly that section.

direct all of this info to ada county....

there's a group out there called "friends of the greenbelt". talk to them.

and, swimba of course - any advocate for cycling.


on a side note..ITD is resurfacing hwy 21 from diversion dam to sandy point. ada cty is putting up the money to resurface the portion of the greenbelt that parallels Hwy 21.

if the money comes through...that'll be done next summer.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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