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Itching to buy a full suspension bike!

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Going to look at a 2006 Rocky Mountain Slayer 70 (16.5") tomorrow, he is asking for $1300. IF it fits, and feels nice to ride, do I buy it ASAP, or wait 3 months for Veloswap and try to find something there? I have a hardtail to ride (just need to change the seals on the fork), so I don't NEED a FS bike, I just want one :p Been looking through Craigslist and Ebay the last couple weeks, I don't like the fact that I KEEP looking through all the ads, hoping to find my dream bike for cheap :madman: :D

I will mostly be doing XC type riding (trails around Boulder, Golden, Lyons), but occasionally do like to do some downhill (nothing super serious, but have been up to Winter Park and Keystone). Been trying to look for used Giant (Trance, Anthem), Specialized FSR or Epic, Rocky Mountain Slayer or Element, and Trek Fuel bikes...
What would you do, if you were hoping to find a decent FS bike for 1000 to 1500, that would't have to be upgraded a couple years down the road?

Edit: Guess I didn't list height / weight / age. I just hit 38, 5'8", and 190 lbs (stocky athletic build, built like a full back, not a biker hehe). Still like to "play" hard sometimes, but don't do near the crazier stuff I used to when I was younger :p Fast downhills are still fun though, even when bottoming out on every whoop / bump / jump ;)
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The Slayer seems pretty decent but it is an all-mountain and might be a bit heavy. It would definitely be able to take a hit with the 160 mm fork. The other bikes you are considering are xc bikes and xc race bikes and this one is not. You would be better off I think and passing on this one and go with a lighter bike and then if you think you need a 6 inch travel bike move up to a bigger bike. The Slayer is on the small side so that might be a problem unless you are around 505. It can be a little bit of a trap to shop by price looking for the "dream bike" If you are young and strong and looking at taking some drops and doing some agressive riding and you are on the shorter side the Slayer might work.

I think a safer bet would be to go with a Giant, Trek, or Specialized XC rig. Here is an example of a bike that I think would make a real decent ride and you wouldnt be kicking yourself because its "too heavy" when you are slogging up a long hill. I think if the price was $200 less it would be very attractive. Its a stumpjumper. The Trance would be a nice alternative to the Stumpjumper and maybe more bike for the money.
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How did I miss that one? Maybe due to the price I just skipped over it, I will email them and check it out, thanks :) Guess I didn't list height / weight / age. I just hit 38, 5'8", and 190 lbs (stocky athletic build, built like a full back, not a biker hehe).
You were right :p A little too small, and a lil heavier than I would like. Nice bike, would have been even nicer if the suspension was set up for me (I probably had 40 lbs on the guy). Still searching through all the bikes for sale :D
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