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And I was trying one last thing to fix the air loss in my AMZ!, so I could finally get a real feel for this thing. So I decided to switch out the "brand new" Enduro seals for the OEM seals, and I'd finally gotten them off the buddy I bought it fro. He said thy were in perfect condition and that he'd just put the Enduros on for the hel of it.

So I remove the Enduros and pt Zoke seals back on remembering to lub them real well. I fill it up with air and instantly something feels diffrent. I ride it all around the drive and yard and it feels "GOOD"! Now let me just get her dialed a little. I'm all setup except I can't turn the rebound knob so after trying a few thing I let all the air out "again" so I can loosen a bolt up at the bottom and what do ya know... My pump craps out on me! And tomarrow's Christmas eve ,and I'll have to waite 2 day's AT LEAST just to see if I've evn fixed it.

Well to make a looong story short I finally got the nee pump a few day's later and after about 4-5 rides a week since Christmas I think I can safely say IT"S FIXED!!!! HOOOORAY!!!!! feels good. Mabye after all this I'll have the energy to give you guy's a ride report after while. :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


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