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I logged in tonight and saw this:
Welcome, element.
You last visited: 03-31-2006 at 11:42 AM

wow...over 4 years since I last signed in...lotta changes.

I'm fatter, slower, older, but happy.

And I am back on my bike.

I weigh 225 lbs now. Looking to drop 25 lbs without giving up beer. :ihih:

Wish me luck.


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Welcome back. I lurked years ago before finally coming back to register, glad I did since it's caused me to meet lots of nice folks. :)

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Welcome back. While the technology has evolved, turning the cranks still moves the bike forward! ;-)

Good luck with the weight loss - the riding should help. Just watch what you eat and you should still be able to enjoy the cold ones, with some moderation.

Gary J.

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element said:
Looking to drop 25 lbs without giving up beer.
That's the way to do it. Don't let weight loss get in the way of a nice cold brewski! :)
Good luck and enjoy yourself.

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Welcome back Element, I think we joined around the same time in ’04 (although I know I was active in the review sections since ’01). It’s interesting how there are some new faces a year or 2 old with thousands of posts. Some people have more time than others. :D

Anyhow, the cycle of life – welcome home.:thumbsup:
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