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Well, those here who know me know that I sometimes get ideas into the psycho little head of mine to do epic rides....well today was the day for this year's: what I call the 18 Bridges Tour.

Basically, what it amounts to is crossing Edmonton twice following the North Saskatchewan River and crossing all 18 bridges that connect both sides of the river (hence the name).

Well, 4hrs and 27 min of pedalling later I had travelled 76.5 km and completed the tour.

I look at it as a major milestone as I have managed to get in tons better shape in the last year... I did the 16 Bridges Tour last year (yes, 2 new ones opened up in the last year) and in about 15 minutes less pedalling time, I had only managed just shy of 60 km. 15 min more pedalling time for 16 km more distance is a big improvement in my books.

Woohoo for me :D

I'll post pics once I can cut them down from the 1.5-2 MB that they are now.

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Congrats Mike!

I love to hear how 'the bike' inspires people to get out and ride and get into better shape!

Now if we could only get 'the bikers' to take group action to inspire politicians into legislating more bike lanes in suburbia, we would have something BIG!

Here in Calgary, we have lots of good bike paths, but not much to write home about so far as commuter bike lanes!

Maybe instead of another $400 Ralph cheque, they could put it to better use ... like towards this?
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