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So, I finally decided to dive into the singlespeed thing after playing around on the converted hardtail for a while. I was kind of in a quandry as I wanted something with EBB and could run a bigger tire, but I didn't want to break the bank on it either. Scanning the mtbr classifieds, I ran across a frame that looked appealling and snapped it up. Built it up with spare parts first, but was unimpressed with how porky it was, so I purchased a new Reba and swapped wheels with my Ventana and I am pleased with the results. The short wheelbase on this bike allows me to just whip this thing around like no bike I have had before. I'd love to say it climbs better, but alas, with the heat and humidity we have in Georgia right now, the engine is suffering a little so it is kind of hard to say. I will say the EBB is greatness. Perfect chain tension all the time with little fuss. Here is the build and some pics.

17" ByStickel frame (courtesy of Jace)
Fork: 2007 RockShox Reba Race w/PL
Headset: CaneCreek S8
Stem: Thomson 100x5 (may need to go longer but I had it laying around)
Bars: Easton EC 90
Levers: Avid Speed Dial
Seatpost: Thomson
Seat: WTB Laser V Ti
Brakes: Avid BB7
Wheels: Mavic 717
Tires: Hutchinson Spiders 2.3
Hubs: Magura Pro (DT 240s rebadged)
Cranks: Shimano LX Hollowtech II (32t)
Rear cog: Endless 18t
EBB: Phil Wood w/set screws
Pedals: Shimano 540


1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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