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Issues with the brain.

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I was lucky enough to get an 03 epic comp frame with 04 brain adjustable shock. I've got about 600 miles on it thus far, but there are some things that cause some concern with me. First off in the gap between the adjuster and the resevoir there is a little leakage of some liquid (most likely oil) this happens when ever i adjust the sensitivity. The other thing is that there seems to be quite a bit amount of friction between the resevoir and the frame itself. It is right on the area of the adjuster on the left frameside and the friction is visible from the rubbing off of the bluish paint on the adjuster. I was wondering if any other epic riders out there experience these things or if its just me. maybe i'll give specialized a call.
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Mine came with a strip of black foam rubber on the "frame side" of the blue adjuster so there's no metal on metal contact. Head to a hardware store and pick up some that's about 1/8" thick and stick it on the side of the blue adjuster.

Leakage probably isn't a good thing. I haven't had any leaks, but I have had the brain "stuck open" where it wouldn't lock the shock out at all. I had to send it in to Fox. Took about 2 weeks or so with 2nd day shipping. Luckily it was during the TdF so I was inside watching that instead of riding anyway ;)

I'd make a few calls if I were you. If you're leaking, you're going to run out of oil sooner or later and it's not like you can refill that rear shock yourself like it's a front fork.

- Jeremy -
See my post below about the leakage. I found a bit of oil around the adjuster on my Brain shock. The LBS sent it back to Fox to be rebuilt. It's not a good think. I've had problems with my rear disk not working sometimes. I thought it was the XT brakes but now I know it was the oil that was coming off my leaking shock.
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