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Iscg ?

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i have a giant reign 2 (2010) and im planning to put a bash guard and a chain guide on my bike.

a buddy told me that he has an ISCG old and ISCG 5 set that he can give to me, but i dont
know which will fit my bike since i havent seen any ISCG mounts on the Reign 2.

any ideas which one should i get and is there any additional hardware i need to buy to use the set?

btw, the reign 2 comes with a race face xc crank with 22/32/44t chain rings.

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ISCG standard....

primarily has to do with chain guides and the configuration of the mount. The Reign is not designed to use a chain guide and therefore does not have ISCG mounts. If it did they would be situated around the bottom bracket housing on the drive side behind small ring of the crank. A bash guard simply replaces the big ring on the crank set. The two things you'll need to consider are the bolt circle diameter (BCD) of the crank and the bash guard, the two must match, and the number of bolt holes that the crank and guard have. Those also must match. If the BCD and number of bolt holes of the bash guards match your crank I'd bet that either would work. Not a bad idea though to have them both on hand to see which fits best.

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I don't think that bike has ISCG tabs so you're going to need to get an adapter.

Here's what I believe to be the best of the adaptors

You can get both sizes and you can flip the adapter to help line it up for fit. You may need washers to space it properly, but as long as your buddy's guides are in proper working order, you shouldn't need any additional parts. Actually, you may need longer chainring bolts to mount a bash if it's the thick plastic type.

As for which ISCG standard, for your purposes, it won't matter. Pick the adapter that fits with the guide you'd rather run.
Thanks Zeb....

I forgot to address the chain guide issue. That's what I get for posting before my second cup of coffee! :D

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Squash said:
I forgot to address the chain guide issue. That's what I get for posting before my second cup of coffee! :D

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And I didn't address BCD! But together, we're like the Voltron of awesome chainguide advice right now. :thumbsup:
The Maestro linkage sits directly inboard of the BB shell edge. There really isn't any room to fit a single ring guide w/ adapter at all. The only option would be a BB mounted dual ring guide with a fairly small profile. We spec'd OEM DRS's on the 2008 Reign, which used a special backplate that had part of the inner ridge removed to clear the linkage.

The BB mount Heim2 would also work for a dual ring setup.

philip @ e*thirteen/theHive
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