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iscg vs. iscg05

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What is the difference between the ISCG and the ISCG05 mounts?

Which one does the Pack/NewRFX have?

Wanted to get a Blackspire Stinger...Which one will work the best...ISCG, ISCG05. or E-Type?

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since no one else is chimin in, ill give it a go.

the '05 mount has more gap between it and the outside of the shell for better clearence and i think it was rotated some clearin up 2 issues with the 1st draft. there might be more to it than this.

the new rfx has '05 mounts.

unless yer goin with a single ring, id suggest a e type. less likelyhood of breakin or bendin the crap out of it than usein a hard mount system.
I have a '02 RFX with the older ISCG mounts and run a blackspire stinger on it. Works great. I am running the octalink series XT hollowtech cranks with 2 rings, bashguard, and a 113mm bb.

I suggested the stinger to CrashTheDog, who has a newer 6-pack/RFX- and he had problems with the stinger hittting the granny gear bolts. He finally gave up on it. I am not sure what cranks/BB he is running, or if that may have been the cause of his problems.

I love the stinger, especially since it's so cheap. One tip- if you ride skinnies, leave the ISCG bolts just a bit loose so the chainguide can rotate up&away should you high-center the bike.

I use the ISCG rev B on all Turner bikes. The 05 is a huge bolt pattern that allows the possibile use of BMX size BB through the middle. I understand all the reasons that Dave W came up with it, but when I talk to all the guide makers seems that everyone is still producing the -B plates and some of them did not even know about the 05 revision. So we march on.

i stand corrected. i knew there were 2 versions but i didnt know about the 3rd. sorry for any confusion i caused.

so to clarify, theres "A" the original, "B" the one i was referrin to with the deeper setback and "05" dw's new bmx version?
ISCG05's are the sh#t...just really hard to find parts for
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