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07 RM switch uses old iscg tabs correct?

lets say it does and i already bought that model blackspire stinger. my current BB spindle is 113 isis. the granny ring bolts pull into the chainguide when i put it on. (i didnt overtighten so nothing is bent or trashed).

Will a 118 mm spindle solve the issue of the cranks being pulled to close to the chainguide?

My other option is to buy a new crankset, i can use one anyway, with that chainguide on there will there be any issues with an external bb? i dont have a bb handy to check vs. the size of the hole in the chainguide. doesnt seem like an external will fit inside the iscg hole. this would make my BB sit flush to the chainguide and not the BB face...seems like a bad idea to me! Any tips or ideas from others with a switch? let er rip.....

when i say "old iscg tabs i mean not iscg '05.

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Based on the 2007 Switch diagram, it looks like the ISCG 03 version.

The installation instructions for the Stinger pretty much indicate that it's a process to fit and measure to determine if the Stinger spacers are needed.

The only place they are more definite is in regard to BB mount guides rather than the ISCG mount, where they say if it fit correctly without the guide, it won't fit with the guide unless you change spindle width.

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