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Is your maelstrom (L) seat tube uninterupted?

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After a simple Y/N from other maelstrom owners

my seat post only goes in ca.300mm before hitting some kind of endstop...... I cant see it

Have emailed/facebooked - just looking for feeback before I investigate further.

cut my original post too short (uphill - seat up - 7cm insertion - oooops)
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Yes, and yes mine is also an 'L'. I don't think they're all like that though.
Sorry, you mean yours is like mine?

If so thast a bit naff - because they go on about it being uninterupted.... for uphill/downhill versitility bla bla..... 300mm is nonsense - unless you have dwarfs legs

if you look through it looks like its straight through

Yes, as in yes mine is the same way. And if you look carefully you can see a ridge down there.. maybe use a flashlight.
I used a 400mm post with no problem. Yeah i couldn't put it ALL the way down, but PLENTY low enough for any kind of aggressive riding.. even too low for real DHing. Anyone big enough to be riding a large frame certainly doesn't need to slam the seat all the way down that 17.5" seat tube.

But yeah.. kinda ridiculous nonetheless.
Thanks again

will have a good look - a 400mm uncut post seemed pretty high to me - will look if I can remove it - yep ridiculous in the sense why go to the effort of putting one in there in the first place..
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