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Is this worth buying

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Do any of you GT experts think this is worth buying if yes much would you pay
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I wouldn't call myself a GT expert but IMO the frame is cool and would make for a fun ligth build, maybe 200 USD assuming no cracks or dents. The parts do not compliment a Zaskar, don't add anything extra for them if you do bid. Ask for detailed photos of the frame (i.e. top to bottom, side to side, front to back). When selling a frame some peeps claim dents and/or cracks as scratches. Good luck.
Although looks to be just the paint issue, but the cable rub (assume) on headtube is quite extensive, that it may bother you. But I doubt it is structural. Forks are 80mm Judy, probably from 2001 and are not up to the current standard, unless you want to build a semi-retro with them.
Taiwan built 7005 frame probably the least desireable of the older Zaskar frames and it should be possible to find a USA frame for similar price....but if the shoe fits and the price is right>>>>wear it!
I wouldn't buy this for much money. Post-bankrupcy frames aren't that reliable (broke two myself) as older ones and the frame looks quite used up.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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