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hey all,

Just got a new 2014 Trance 2 :)

Pretty excited as this is my first FS bike, but I immediatley have a question.

When I went to the LBS to check out my bike after it was put together, it looked great but I noticed lots of oil on the rear shock. How much oil should a rear shock have on it normally?

Keep in mind this was almost never sat on before expect for me testing it out in shop.

Is this what it should look like? Again, I have NO experience with rear shocks...

Can you please let me know?



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Looks like it's just a bit of lube coming out, which is normal and should go away after the first couple of rides. Wipe it off and go for a ride, if you end up with a bunch of oil built up around the bottom of the shock shaft and streaks of it then you have an issue.

happy trails...


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Like squish said, it's should just be excess oil from the seal that helps when putting on the air can.
The real test if the shock is leaking would be if you are losing air pressure either during a ride or just sitting there.
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