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Is this fork any good?

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I have been looking into buying a fork that has adjustable travel from 120 to 160 and this fork is what I'm looking for and doesn't cost too much. It's an 07' Marzocchi All Mountain SL 2 Fork with a 20mm Thru Axle. It has ATA (Travel Adjustment), TST (Terrain Selection Technology), External Rebound Adjuster, Top & Bottom Air Preload and the Weight is 5 lbs. 2 oz. I can get a new one for around 270. Is this a good deal or were there problems with this fork? Thanks
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I remember reading up on quite a number of issues on the TST cartridge and the ATA system....
Do a forum search in this section and I'm sure you will come across a few threads....
Mas :)
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