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Hi, im 6 foot 2 and 215 lbs and at my local bike store i found a diamondback responce, 05 model for 339.00 us dollars, i am hearing good reviews, but i want to make sure its good for me, it felt really cumfy but want to make sure it is suitable for my riding styles....doesnt have to be PERFECT

i like to fool around, wheelies, 1 or 2 fot jumps, paved road, and a little trail riding on crushed rock.

there is also a diamondback coil 05 model, for 275.00 us dollars, but for a duel susp. bike it must suck for that little $$$, so im thinking responce all the way, right now i am currently using a mongoose d70R , and trek 820:madman:

any help is appretiated

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