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is this bike worth the money

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guy on craigslist is asking 700 i think i can get him down to 650. What do you think
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No. Seriously. I wouldn't ride that thing if you paid me to :p
"This is the sweetest bike you will ever buy for $700. I used to work at a bike shop and dropped $3k my cost building this bike. I have since moved to Wilmington and had 3 kids. Don't ride anymore unfortunately. I ordered every piece custom and assembled right down to the matching anodized tube caps. Let me know if you have any questions on the specs."

Look at that *****in 150mm stem! Maximum aerodynamics for sure! Are those dust sleeves on the uppers too? SCORE!

Bro, this guy should be paying someone else $700 to take this off his hands. If you'll notice he mentioned he's since had 3 kids and I'd be willing to bet that they are not toddlers. This thing is outdated to say the least, unless you're going for that circus freak look steer clear.
Kind of depends what you want to do with it. If you are riding what most would call XC trails, nothing too gnarly or long decents where you'd want disc brakes and better suspension, then it will be a good bike. The parts are all better quality and less beat up than a newer bike at the same price. The suspension is low tech and shortish travel but will be fine for XC riding.
It looks to be in great shape so you probably won't have to sink any money into it for at least a year of hard use, except that I'd put a shorter stem on it and maybe a wider bar.
dirtwhip said:
Are those dust sleeves on the uppers too? SCORE!
They're called fork boots Jong. These guys are probably newish to the sport so they weren't riding when this bike was built and would never consider something from that era. It's an XC bike with top shelf parts. If ridden on XC trails it will work as well as when it was built. Really, the only parts I don't like are the wheels that sacrifice weight for durability and looks (and that's really a personal weight weenie preference) and the suspension pivots that all run on bushings whereas bearings are the standard now. Just don't take it in mud every day and clean & lube them if they get sticky or squeeky.

The rubber "springs" in that fork may have gotten stiff with age but you can replace them with a coil spring. Ask the guy how they feel.
Isn't that a wally world mongoose? Or am I just too young to not recognize frames from back in the day when mongoose was in its heyday. (well they have some decent bikes now too)
Great looking vintage bike that's not a bad price, but you've got to consider maintaining such a bike, if you get it you may not be able to get spares for some of the older components.
Lelandjt said:
They're called fork boots Jong.
Why does it not surprise me you know that? Oh, and there's no need for name calling.;)
It's got some interesting vintage parts. I had a set of those Spin wheels way back in 1995, and those cost like $500 or so back then. Maybe this bike cost $3000 back then. It might be worth $500 if you're into vintage bikes.

But don't buy this bike thinking it's going to be your primary ride.
For classic purposes, yes.

For performance purposes, no.

If you want to hang it on a wall for good looks and nostalgia, then yes.

If you want to ride it, then no.
dirtwhip said:
Why does it not surprise me you know that?
Cuz I'm maaaaddd old! I guess I have a soft spot for older bikes.

And JONG stands for Jerk Off Nwebie Gaper. It's a term of endearment. See TGR Forum for more of this sort of tuff luv.
One word

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