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it's a front derailleur mount.

there are some minimal top chain guides that fit there. but honestly, I think most riders are better served with a bash guard, which will be a much bigger challenge for you on that bike, as you lack ISCG mounts.

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Have you been dropping your chain on a regular basis, negatively impacting your rides? I don't see much in the way of paint missing or dings from the chain.
Yes Sir the there is paint chips and scratch if you look closer. That happened when I tried to backpedal trying to save the chain drop. Chain got stuck between the chainring and chainstay.

Here is my thread about my chain drop: Chain gets derailed

While waiting for the LBS to call me about a warranty claim (including the paint) which I'm doubtful of, I am also waiting for a 3MM offset from Praxis (free of charge).

I hope that 3mm offset from Praxis will solve my problem, but when I tried the SRAM 3mm offset chainring I recently bought, the chain now drops when I'm on the smallest cog (it has reversed the problem when I was on the 0mm offset chainring).

This is why I'm planning ahead and would like to install a chainguide for safety reasons.
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