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Is this a good deal?

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I posted this in Wheels and Tires as well. But I am a begginner and this are gets way more traffic.

The guy that sold me my bike (and who is a friend) is getting new wheels, and would sell his current ones, DT Swiss XR 4.1 with XT hubs, for $150. Is this a good deal, or should I spend the $$$ to get new wheels (if I did, I drop a lot more coin on some BWW hubs laced to something...) My only worry is that he races and isn't exactly light (I think like 230).
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Do you need new wheels? Looking for an extra set? Just looking to upgrade?
My opinion, with most things, ride it until it's worn, not quite worn out, then upgrade/replace.
I'd thrash on the wheels I have until I needed new ones then worry about it... doesn't really answer your question, just an opinion...
Which XT hubs? There are several different generations. (FH-M7xx would be the format for the specific model). You might look on BWW or other retailers and see what something similar would cost new...

Like hidesertbomber says otherwise...
the laserdisc trails that came with my bike, while fine, are heavy. I figure at $150 I can afford to go lighter, and I can use them to replace the no-name rims on my cheapie.
check the FAQ.....

laxman2001 said:
No Bumping Check the FAQ!!
ae111black said:
No Bumping Check the FAQ!!
WOW. Thanks for all the help...
I DID check the FAQ, and didn't see anything. So instead of wasting my time, and yours (though clearly you have way to much), wither post a relevant opinion or GTFO.:rant:
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