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Is this a 2009 FSRxc Pro?

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Is this a 2009 FSRxc Pro?

The guy that is selling it says that it is a 2009 demo. I was under the impression that it was only offered in silver. BTW he is asking $1200 for the bike so if it is a 2009 he is asking considerably less that what is should retail for.

Thanks guys! I hope to be spending more time on here very soon!
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Ive seen that demo bike before with that wood color on ebay and im pretty sure i remember it being a Pro. but aside from relying on my memory you can look at it and see it has a FOX rear shock (Pro XC is the only one that comes with a fox rear shock). So i believe it is a Pro xc. About the color you are correct it only sells in silver but that is a demo bike provided to the shop by specialized so people can come in and test ride it w/out messing up bikes they plan to sell to customers as "new".But if you want to be sure check some of the specs online like Avid Juicy 4 RSL Hydraulic Disc Brakes, Rock Shox recon Sl front susp. etc and compare them with that bike.

$1200 sounds like a good price for and XC Pro. im sure it hasnt been beat up that bad.
good luck, hope i helped
The wood color is kinda weird in person..I have seen a stumpy with it. For $1200 I would snatch it up, that's a hell of a deal if it's in good shape.
If you don't like getting attention....I wouldn't buy it though. :)
Thanks D1BSI and larlev. I wish I could see this bike in person but there is no need for it now. I made my way down to my local dealer and it appears that the bike would be to big for me. It's a large frame and I'm more suited to a medium. $1200 is a smoking deal (granted the bike is in the condition he says it's in). Looks like I will have to wait a little bit longer before I find that perfect bike for me.
Well you made the right decision on holding out for the right size. Good luck on finding your perfect bike. Im still working on finding the money to begin the search for my bike!
what if you bought it and resold it for a profit, or traded frames or something??
if it is a really good deal, that seems like a good idea to me.
I was just at my LBS and looked at the same bike! Its a 2008 FSR XC PRO test bike with a wood design...looks really cool IMO. Reba SL front shock, Fox Triad rear. Its a really nice bike and the shop has it for $1,600.
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