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Is there any Vertex Team 2006 out there???

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Cause I was first told by the rep that they were short on scandium tubing and it will take much more time for the production to go on... (That was about the end of March.) :(

Then, the rep told me that I will be able to take delivery of my frame around the 1st of July... (That was about two months ago; beginning of May) :confused:

Now I was told by the person that solves Rocky Mountain's order problems that the production will start on 17th of July... (That was on July 3rd) :mad:

What the hell is going on! :madmax: :incazzato:

I know I should have cancelled my order but damn, hell this frame is sexy! :madman: :rolleyes:


Any feedback will be greatly appreciated.... :eek:

Thanks for the listening!
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Come on!!! Over 50 views and no answers! I need some feedback on those frames!:confused:

I need to know if the rep is really telling me b***$hit...
I know i should have cancelled my order but I always wanted to have this frame.
Maybe you should start looking at Kona Kula primo, Salsa Motorapido, Voodoo Sobo, probably satisy your scandium craving and have enough for 2 different frames. Doesn't look like the Taiwanese builders have any shortage of the material and if I recall at least 2 of the above frames are lighter then the Rocky.

I'm not bias against Rocky's, I am a Canuck myself, but I've been put off by their pricing lately in Canada.
Finally, it's here!!!

I've just received it yesturday (tuesday). It was about time! And it's damn so sexy! I'll surely post picts fter the build is done.

@ TiEndo : Like a bunch on this forum, I work in the bisness so the $ is not a problem...
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