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Is there any movie on mountain bikes before?

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something just crossed my mind?is there like any inspirational movie revolving on mountain bikes before?

thought of renting it or something
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A what movie before what?

what i meant is there any movie revolving around mountain bike racing...or something like that?

need not be hollywood long it's a movie..
thks man...

thks man!that's really, how do i get my hands on one of those klunkerz dvd..=)

thks for sharing..
There's "Breaking Away" which is about road biking but still a classic that every cyclist should see.

And "24 Solo" which is documentary style movie following XC champion Chris Eatough as he trains and races 24 hour races solo.

Both good movies.
cobba said:
How about a historical film:
Klunkerz is a great film :thumbsup:
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