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This weekend while participating in a 60 mile group ride Iwas stopped at a SAG listening to someone complaint about their wrists hurtingduring long rides. Looking at theirset-up they seemed to have the geometry pretty well worked out except the seatlooked like it was tilted forward very slightly. Having just adjusted both my seats (by nomore than one turn of both screws) and realizing that the seat tilt on my Fargowas linked to a minor wrist issue (had to push myself back slightly tocompensate) I offered to adjust their seat (and explained my recent experience) As Iwas adjusting the seat tilt (by ½ turn increments) a trailside Psychiatristdiagnosed me as having a Psychosomatic reaction to my seat position (because,apparently, seats are adjusted once and never need to be moved again). That's really good news for me asprescriptions for placebos are really cheap and I will think I'm better in notime. Thank goodness for trailside Psychiatrists.
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