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Is there a need for heart rate monitor?

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Is there a need? For xc and road.
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yes and no , I like to see the numbers and use as a tachometer and it is cool to go back and recount a ride and look at the different zones,max,average. on road ride I like to use it as a gauge as to when I should rotate to the back of the line I like to pull till I hit 165 roll to the back and wait my turn then you don't blow .
Do you need a road or mountain bike? If you want to use one, use one.
Some (most? all?) training programs are based on percentages of max heart rate.

If you're training yes if not there's no need.
I ride with one all the time, its nice to know where you stand and when your about to caff.

I used to think I didn't need one. But then one day I was out riding and just before I crested a hill my heart exploded. It really sucked so now I use a HRM all the time.

Hell yes. You also need a stopwatch, BP monitor, GPS and locator chip, spedometer, laptop, PDA, handheld playstation, bloodsugar and O2 sensor, emergency locater transponder, satallite phone, and ipod.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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