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Is the new Salsa Fargo for me?

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I need a bike I can commute to work with, 25 miles one way, but I can cut my commute miles by climbing a fireroad through local east bay park. So, I need a bike I can ride on and off road. With that said, I think I would like to do some 2 to 3 day local touring. I really like the 29er or 700cc size wheels and the disc brakes that the Fargo offers. Plus when I commute I like saddle bags over backpacks. I am used to riding my mt. bike 10 to 15 miles to get to dirt trails, so fat piggy tires do not bother me that much.. Do I need a cross bike? or rigid 29er or Fargo, or ???????
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The Fargo should totally work for you. If you end up with one color me jealous. I just can't justify one when I have a Cannondale T800 in the garage. The complete kit is quite a deal, maybe a little too bling for a tourer IMO, but quite a deal.

If you end up getting one I'd like to see what (if) you do anything for the front rack. It's said the Tubus Duo will work.
I think the Fargo is a perfect bike for you. You seem like a wool sock, brooks saddle, handlebar bag rider who needs six waterbottles on every ride.
e-bo-b said:
You need an Enduro, Sally.

Fargo schmargo, Margo.
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