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is the komodo a bad choice?

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I'm looking at the 09 jamis komodo frame in a small 14" for myself as my first dj bike... I was wondering,
1. Will it be too small? I'm 5'10" with 32 inseem.
2. Will I hate aluminum?
3. Would I be better off spending another 100 and getting a spank spoon or atomlab trail pimp?
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And I don't need it to do anything but dj since I already have a hardtail iron horse for xc and a banshee rune for fr.
My first DJ frame was a 09 Komodo. I'm just about that same size as you and would recommend the medium. I still have the frame if your interested LOL!

Kinda funny, I just bought a Spank Spoon frame a few months ago. Had to get it from the UK. I LOVE it!

Are you riding in the street urban style or in the dirt? The Spank Spoon is a designed specifically for street / urban DJ use, which is exactly why I bought it.

If your going to run a single speed, I would spend the extra money and get for a frame with horizontal dropouts, so you don't have to mess with a chain tensioner.

As for Steel vs Aluminum, I personally like the steel. It really is up to you though.

Once I finished building it:
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It will be singlespeed and I will do a lot of urban riding with it too, but I still would like to take ot to a few local pump tracks from time to time.
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