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Is the fork flexing

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I changed over to Avid BB7 discs and have noticed when I put the front wheel on the disc touches the left pad or outer pad. I adjust the pads to not rub but be strong and after ride they are fine but the next ride when I put on the front it seems that the disc always rubs a good bit. I do it the same way and that is lean over the handle bars and tighten the skewer that way. I have noticed that when it touches the pad I depress the shock by leaning more over the bars and the disc moves away from the pads but slowly moves in against them again.I have Rock Shox Duke SL and wonder if the dropouts are flexing.
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Sometimes all it takes is to take the wheel off and mount it again. This often will fix the rubbing problem. If not, I would try to remount the caliper. Flex could cause the rotor to rub, but it sounds like you get it fixed to your liking for one ride and then after you take the wheel off and replace it later you get the rub back. If this is truly the case I would say that flex is not the only reason and setup is a major player.
If you're taking the wheel off and putting it back on, the wheel is not settled in the dropouts the exact same way that it was before. This is what's giving you that problem.
I have the pads set with alittle more space between disc and pads. would moving the pads in make it lighn up better.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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