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Just been cleaning my bike down after a ride and I've noticed some brown liquid seaping from my headset...

I slid out on my bike today but it was nothing big - I don't know if this cudda' done any damage.

The liquid doesn't smell of anything and feels oily (but there's always been grease around my headset so it could be that). What makes me think that it's not mud is the fact that it's totally opaque (opposite of transparent) - watery mud's not usually opaque right?

Is my headset likely to be broken? If so do I need a new one?


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Ace1 said:
That's good to hear!

The headset is a WTB (came stock on my Patriot 66 FR).

Will standard teflon dry lube do the job or do I need to find some grease or something?

Thanks again
how old is the headset...if over a year than just replace is not broken and you don't need to add grease...that is just extra
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