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My Command Post IRCC has developed a lot of play. The 1mm side-to-side wobble that was normal for 3.5 years became 15 degrees of wobble towards the end of last night's ride. (Yes, the wobble is internal to the dropper post and not at the seat or the clamp.) Everything else seems to work the same. I'll be bringing it to my LBS for repair or replacement, as it's annoying if nothing else.

My question is whether anyone knows the internals well enough to tell whether I can expect to finish the 25-mile, tech-heavy ride I have planned for tomorrow, or whether the post is likely to fail entirely at any moment, leaving me unable to sit down (in a fashion either annoying or proctologically unfortunate).

Absent an informed opinion, I'll play it cautious and get in my suffering elsewhere on the CX bike while the shop does it's thing, but I thought I'd inquire of the assembled brain trust here.


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