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Is Monarch Crest ready to ride?

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Has anyone ridden the Crest this year? I am trying to plan a July 13 trip out there and want to see if the trail will be ridaeble. If anyone has ridden it this year please let me know. Normally when is the best time to ride it? We have done it in August the last few years.
Thanks and cheers.
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Just spoke with Absolute Bikes. I'm headed out that way this week. They said there are still a few snow drifts, but should be passable in 5-7 days. ENJOY.
Rode the Crest trail over the weekend. Its all good. Only one small drift to walk over. Rode the crest over to Silver Creek then down to the Rainbow to 285. Sweet Ride.
just did crest to starvation and no snow. all clear. heard greens might still be sloggy though.
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