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Is Mavic 823 over kill for intense 5.5

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I ride my 5.5 now with Mavic 717 disk and Maxxis minyon 2.35
The 717 are very light but more XC than AM.
So I want to put the 823 UTS . they are 200 g hevier than the 717 but much stronger
I ride agresive AM but don't jump more than 1 M
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I'd justy keep the X717s on it and convert them to UST with an Eclipse kit, they suit the 5.5 as they are fast accelerating and strong enough for smaller drops, I weigh 240lbs and I use X717 Discs on my rigid/SS AM bike and they've not let me down once. Failing that why not go for a set of XM819's? They are plenty strong and light enough for an XC/AM bike, I've even done FR and DH without a care in the world with them...
yes 823s will be overkill for a 5.5. 819s will do you just fine for aggressive AM riding. They are wide enough to still run a 2.5 tire up front if you ever wanted to. Sounds like your not to concerned about weight but if you are have you considered the DTSwiss 5.1s? They are a bit lighter and just as strong and stiff as the Mavic 819s. They have tubeless conversion kits for them as well.
I second the DTSwiss 5.1d. They have been awesome rims for me so far.
I would say the 819s would be the way to go, if Mavic is your thing. 823's will work OK though, if you don't mind the weight and you have tire clearance. The rim is 30mm, compared to the 819 which is 24mm.
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