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Is it time for a new bike?

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So....I'm currently thinking about changing up my bike. I've been riding a spider for the last 2 years and generally think it's a pretty good bike. The only major complain I've got about it is the geometry. No matter what I do I can't seem to get comfortable on it. I own the 05 version of it due to a frame break in the 03 model. And I'm really looking for something that is less complex and more durable.

I got a chance to ride the yeti ASR last week and really enjoy the geometry on it. It has about a 1cm longer top tube which doesn't sound like much but it felt like it definitly steers faster. And it was way more comfy. But the problem I had with it is that the RP3 shock that comes on it didn't really inspire me. It felt like no matter which setting I would use it would have a sufficient amount of bobing action. I posted something over on the yeti board and it appears that no one has issues w/the ASR/575's bobbing. Or if they did they got it "pushed". The bobbing didn't feel like it was a power robbing bob and when I stood up I didn't notice the bob it was just when I was seated that I would notice it. I tried to play with the RP3 quite a bit but never got it to the point that I would have liked it. Any of you have similar issues on this.

I think I just need some others inputs and maybe some other ideas out there. Nothing more than 4 inches of travel. Just don't need it for what I do.
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