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I had an old GF steel frame specced out with good kit, but the frame was old and tired . . .nearly 10yrs old now ( i may restore it though ) so i wanted something lighter that would be able to take all the parts as a fairly straight swap.

It needed to be lighter than before and good at climbing . . . oh and its the commuter / road bike which is to be used for a 90mile sportif at the end of the month.

what better than a Klein attitude:


I really cant beleive just how much lighter the whole bike feels and more importantly how much stiffer it is. I had read the general comments of stiff Kleins and things, but good grief ... its shockingly stiff and quick off the mark.

So sorry if you think its a big no-no to do such a thing to a nice Klein but hey! I like it. The palomino can do all the off road stuff.
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