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Just what I'm asking as the title says. I will be flying up to the Race from the Caribbean and this would be a great opportunity to purchase a new bike. I am really keen on the 29ers now for lots of reasons, my height and 29er bike sizes being top. I am looking at the Niner R.I.P 9 and was thinking of just ordering the frame, fork and wheels& tyres and take up the rest of the components of my current ride - full XT group.

Is this really so madd, if I get the bike in the first few days I'm up there and then have 1.5-2 weeks on it shouldn't that be enough time? I don't know if I'm madd but I'm reading all the stuff on these bikes and all I keep hearing is climbs great, descends great and isn't that what LT100 is all about anyways?

Thoughts greatly appreciated.
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