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Is it Just Me????

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Is it just me (granted, I'm a Trek homer), but the cable routing on the Fuel EX (under the top tube) looks the best aesthetically and functionally (it is tucked out of the way, unlike the new Spesh Stumpy that has the cables routed under the BB on the downtube, preventing the placement of a second bottle cage and making it easy to snag the cables on rocks, and on the Ibis Mojo, the cables are on top of the top tube -- this looks weird (read ugly) and it looks like it would snag easily on bike racks and while getting on and off the bike, etc.). What were they thinking? In my mind, Trek got it right (again) :thumbsup:
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Yep. Mojo's blow in that respect and they dont have a good drink cage mount. Specialized on the downtube puts the cables in the biggest mud path.
A buddy of mine has a carbon MSC with internal routing... The problem is, for the rear brake, it comes out right by the top linkage mount and down the seat stay, so when the suspension compressess, the slack from the brake line is fed into the top tube and upon rebound it snaps back against the tubing wall. Only happens on big hits, but man that would be annoying. Especially on a $6000 bike.
trekboy79 said:
In my mind, Trek got it right (again) :thumbsup:
Nope, I hate that. I sling my bike over my shoulder all the time to skip my way over ravines and across muddy creeks. On top of the top tube makes the most sense to me, but you can't beat the internal routing on Kleins (until disk brakes came out anyway).
I would actually prefer a full length housing going under the BB as that is the point that has the least amount of cable flex in a FS bike.
tussery said:
I would actually prefer a full length housing going under the BB as that is the point that has the least amount of cable flex in a FS bike.
Exactly, that is why you buy a Specialized.
This is funny this post came up

I have been looking at Trek Fuel EX, Specialized Stumpy and Giant Trance X bikes. The more I looked at the Stumpy the more I hated the cable routing under the BB and how tight and cluttered everything was around the swingarm pivot area. Also don't like the RD cable on the bottom of the chain stay. The Giant is not bad at all with pretty good routing but the Trek is the best IMO. I just like how everything is placed on the Trek. Silly maybe but it's funny others picked up on this. I don't think many people are carrying the bike on their shoulder so I rule that one out but you need to ba carefull on bike racks.

Now I just need to decide between the Trek ABP Full Floater vs the Giant Maestro suspension setups.
ARider said:
Exactly, that is why you buy a Specialized.
Specialized runs open cables on their bikes. Unless you intend on putting zip ties around the frame, this idea doesn't work. Fahn
I'm on a '10 Enduro Carbon right now, and have a load of time on a Remedy as well. The Specialized has full length housing from start to finish, all routed under the downtube that I prefer to the Remedy's routing.

The hoses and cables on the Enduro are out of the way and nearly invisible (minus the funny routing on the stays for the rear brake). They do not, have never, and will never catch on anything. In fact, my Hammerschmidt actually hangs down lower, and if the did make contact I'm sure I'd never know it they would just slide right over the obstacle. Barring me B.B. casing something I doubt there would ever be an issue. Not a lot of guys will be hanging this sort of bike over a tailgate w/ or w/o a Dakine pad so that is a non-issue to me personally. Regarding a bottle cage down there (there isn't one on the Enduro anyway), thats an easy fix if Specialized wanted to by using small spacer to move the cage out a touch like some companies do when a cage is needed on the seattube but a braze on mount or front der band is in the way.

One of the few issues I have with the Remedy is the routing from the front triangle to the seatstays, lines are rubbing and bending too much. I route mine quite different from the intended way and it seems to be a bit better.
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