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Is GF going to hassle me about my cracked frame . . .

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I just discovered a crack in my '04 Cake 3dlx. I am the original owner, but I have lost my receipts and have no other paper work to confirm this. I have never had to deal with this kind of stuff before, so I'm pretty ignorant about the whole process. From your experiences with GF, is this going to be an issue at all? Does it depend more on my lbs?

Thanks for your help in advance
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I would think your lbs should have a receipt for the purchase showing you are the owner.
I think you'll probably have to go through your LBS anyway, and there shouldn't be an issue with the warranty itself.
Is GF going to hassle me about my cracked frame . . .
No, but are you going to hassle them?

The Trek warranty page says they can attempt to trace the date, so long as you're the original owner and the bike was registered somehow (through a shop, or personally).
I wouldn't do it!!!! They might upgrade you to a carbon Hifi and then you'll spend two pages pissing and moaning cuz your steerer tube isn't long enough!! So like I said just walk away man, just walk away, and go buy a Cannondale at Rei.:cornut:
I've said to much.
This is the challenge for me. I have moved about 5-times (to 4 different states) since I bought the bike and I don't believe the shop I bought it from is still around. I doubt I filled out any sort of registration card or the like. Am I just screwed?
Just go to a GF dealer, show them the cracked frame, tell them you are the original owner and expect the best.

If they ask for proof, explain you have moved several times and no longer have the original paperwork.
Go to the dealer. Does not matter if you are original or not (I know what the fine print says)

GF will take care of you if you will let them.
Thanks for all the advice people. I just hope I don't end up with a carbon fiber replacement. That. Would. Be. Terrible.
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